Public Safety & Volunteers

April Tilton Iser

Public safety is one of the most important issues a county can face. Citizens want to live, work, & play in our communities safely!

We need to continuously be trying to recruit more volunteers and we need to work harder at retaining the volunteers we already have. More volunteers will lead to faster response times and better service to our rural areas, which will result in more lives and more property saved.

Not only do these men and women have to be prepared for all sorts of situations including, but not limited to:
• Hazardous materials spilled
• Car crashes
• Medical emergencies
• Structural and brush fires
but, someone also has to take care of the equipment, tools, stations and apparatus.

We need to find a way to furnish our Sheriff’s Office and our Emergency Management Office with the resources needed to do their jobs efficiently. They need to feel a sense of giving back to the community and the feeling that their work is appreciated.

We should try to find a way to offer eligibility for incentives to our volunteers such as:
• Free vehicle registration
• Scholarship funds
• Training and conference registrations
• Quarterly fuel stipends

We also need to encourage our communities to protect themselves through situational and self-awareness to become less of a target or victim.

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April Iser

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