My Vision for Putnam County

April Tilton Iser

My hope for Putnam County is to bring the focus back to the existing community members instead of potential, future residents. I want to work toward raising our quality of life and toward creating a better economic and educational atmosphere. If we want to attract future businesses and families, we need to show them that we’re able to take care of the existing population that so far has been severely neglected.

We need to start utilizing our vast natural resources to help us become and remain self-sustaining. We need to start focusing more on our children, they are our future! We need to educate them in the proper use and maintenance of our natural resources.

We will need to manage the volume of tourist to sustain the county’s quality of life and to preserve our historic features, but we should be capitalizing on and advertising the quaint, small town charm we have to offer. We need to create more camping destinations, and we need to promote, but at the same time protect our blueway trails, and hiking and biking trails. This will allow us to become a vacation destination for families of all ages.

But, first and foremost, we need more pedestrian friendly collections of restaurants and retail boutiques as well as other businesses to support this vision.

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April Iser

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