Bringing New Business to Putnam County

April Tilton Iser

All of the attention has been put toward finding someone from the outside to save us. We need to start focusing on the existing population we have, we need to encourage more businesses through the human capital we already have to offer, we need to streamline the process of where to go and where to start, and we need to change the hopeless way in which we’ve learned to view our home county.

We need to bridge the digital divide to the rural areas and under-served populations by offering reliable, high-speed internet. This will encourage at-home, internet based businesses that will generate income from other areas outside of Putnam County. These businesses could eventually grow into brick and mortar buildings with updates and repairs encouraged. With updates and repairs to the buildings, the property values will increase raising revenues brought in through property taxes while being able to hold our rates steady and eventually work toward lowering them.

We also need to create a stronger workforce to support incoming and current businesses by offering more education and training to the area as well as online.

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April Iser

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