Most Important Issues

April Tilton Iser
  1.  Raising our quality of life and our health rankings across Putnam County.
    • states:
      “Putnam (PN) is ranked among the least healthy counties in Florida (lowest 0%-25%)”
    • Putnam County is ranked #66 out of Florida’s 67 counties. We have fluctuated between the 64th, 65th, and the 66th spot for the past 11 years. Yet, we border the #1 county in Florida; we should be taking advantage of this!
  2.  Encouraging the development and growth of local businesses to serve our everyday needs.
    • We have plenty of industry available such as fishing, forestry, agriculture, and manufacturing, and we have an overabundance of discount stores.
    • It’s time to start focusing on the product, retail, and service sectors in our area.
      • We need pedestrian friendly collections of retail boutiques, restaurants, etc.
    • We should encourage our existing residents to start internet-based businesses that will generate income from outside of Putnam County.
      • This is income that could potentially stay in the community to further support local businesses.
  3. We need to strengthen our workforce that’s needed to staff the businesses of Putnam County. We need to make available workforce training beyond high school.
    • We should push to bring in schools that offer technical and career training that will compliment, in addition to offer continuity to the programs provided through the County’s high schools.
    • 46% of our workforce commutes long distances to work. We should work toward bringing this number down.
    • A need to push harder for reliable, highspeed internet through out the rural areas of Putnam County.
      • Reliable, high-speed internet has proven to offer better health, to make higher education levels more achievable, and to lower unemployment rates.
    • By raising the education levels of our citizens through online studies as well as through trade schools that are more accessible to county residents, we create a stronger workforce for existing and for incoming businesses.
  4. We must make sure our vast natural resources are being properly maintained and protected, while at the same time using them to our benefit as an attraction.
    • Using something as simple as a spruced-up boat ramp or a properly operating and maintained ferry will help bring our county back to life in a cost-efficient manner.
    • In addition, it will serve our communities as far as raising our quality of life, encouraging more engagement in recreational activities, and  providing more employment opportunities.

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