Putnam County Commissioner, District 3

3 Most Important Issues

April Tilton Iser

This is by far the hardest question to answer since our issues include but most definitely are not limited to:

  • Our quality of life and health rankings
  • Well, our rankings across the board, really
  • Flooding
  • Our lack of a vision
  • Our horrible road conditions
  • The lack of available internet in 2018
  • Our reputation and our frame of mind toward our county
  • The lack of businesses to serve our everyday needs
  • And, the waste of our resources and our funds

If I had to choose, it would probably be the waste of our resources and our funds, the lack of businesses to serve the everyday needs of the communities, and our quality of life and health rankings.

We should introduce reliable, high-speed internet to the rural areas and the underserved populations. This has been proven to offer better health, higher education attainment levels, and lower unemployment rates. By allowing our citizens to raise their education attainment levels through online studies, we can create a stronger workforce for existing and incoming businesses in the area. We can lower our unemployment rates by encouraging our existing human capital to start internet-based businesses that will generate income from outside of Putnam County. These businesses could eventually grow into brick and mortar buildings with updates and repairs encouraged. This will raise property values, in turn raising revenues through property taxes while being able to hold our rates steady. All of this will contribute to raising our quality of life.

We must also make sure our vast natural resources are being properly maintained and protected, while at the same time using them to our benefit as an attraction. Using something as simple as a spruced-up boat ramp or a properly operating and maintained ferry will help bring our county back to life in a cost-efficient manner and also serve our communities as far as quality of life, recreational activities, and employment. But, to do this we will need local businesses that fit the needs of our existing residents as well as businesses that will support our future.

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April Iser

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